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Looking for an experienced parking lot audit company in Albuquerque, NM? Get in touch with Macy’s Towing LLC for reliable parking lot audit services. We inspect the vehicles in your parking area and tag the vehicles that are parked in the wrong way.


We'll record the details of the vehicle on our violation form. For a more transparent and efficient vehicle removal service, we'll share a copy of this form with you.


Our high standard of professionalism is what sets us apart from the rest. We train our drivers to handle any issue sensitively to maintain peace and order.

Efficient parking lot audit services

Dispute-free vehicle removal service

In order to minimize any dispute, we don't remove any vehicle from the parking lot until a "request for removal of vehicle" form is signed. We'll record all the information and the condition of the vehicle along with a series of photos.


In case the owner of the vehicle wants more time to correct the problem, we'll keep you informed of the situation.


If we find the same vehicle still in violation during a re-inspection after 1 – 3 days, you'll have to decide whether to give the owner more time to remove the vehicle or have us tow the vehicle from your parking area.


If the owner calls the police, we'll display our form so that no dispute arises. All vehicles that are removed will be brought to our tow lot at 8401 Zuni Rd SE. The owner can visit our office to collect his vehicle after showing relevant proof of identity and ownership. Charges will be levied for storage, towing, etc.

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