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Illegal parking Towing

If you see any abandoned vehicle parked illegally in your area, give Macy's Towing LLC a call. We'll be right there to remove any illegally parked vehicle so that it doesn't block the traffic in your area.


An abandoned vehicle can pose a security threat. Improve the safety of your area with our illegally parked vehicle removal services.

Safe removal of illegally parked vehicles

Steps to take when you see an illegally parked car

On seeing any abandoned vehicle in your area, fill out our contact form and fax it to us. If you can't fax it, just call us at 505-250-0295, and we'll come and collect the form from you in person.


If you're the owner of the vehicle impounded by us, get in touch with us to learn how you can claim your vehicle.

If you find any abandoned vehicle, call us at


Remove illegally parked vehicles to ensure safety